Meet Our Team

Our staff is made up of like-minded people who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals and want you to feel at home the minute you walk through the door. All of our coaches are passionate about health and fitness, and each share a unique story of their own that has led them to where they are now. Take a minute to get to know them by checking out their bios below!

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Dakotah “Hype-Man” Mankin, CFWW COO

I started doing CrossFit in 2010 to help lose some of the “freshman twenty” I had put on in college. The methodology helped change my life for the better and I began coaching shortly after 2011. My favorite part of CrossFit is the community and helping others reach their goals and achieve things they thought were impossible before they started their fitness journey! I believe in the power of positive energy so you can always find me with caffeine in hand and giving high fives and hugs to everyone pre and post workout! 


  • CF-L2 

  • CrossFit weightlifting 

  • CrossFit Football 


Dalton “D-Money” Mankin, CFWW COF

Hobbies: Competitive exercise, fighting fires, sports, eating lots of food, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite saying: “"You've got to eat the shit sandwich to get the steak"


  • CF-L2

  • CrossFit Weightlifting Certification

  • SCCC, Strength and Conditioning Certified Coach

  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified


Paula Cator, Coach

I joined CrossFit in April of 2016 for a personal growth challenge and have been in love ever since.  As a runner almost my entire life, with some weight training, I never knew the limitless possibilities until now.  I enjoy being pushed and pushing others.  CrossFit is about life…integrity, pushing your mind and helping others.

Hobbies: Spending time with family,  working out, training others, being an entrepreneur and eating food. :-)


  • CF-L1

  • USA Weightlifting Certification


Monica McKeever, Coach

I discovered CrossFit over a decade ago, changing my life forever in the best ways possible! I quickly knew I wanted to help others transform their lives in such positive ways, so I became a CF-L1 Trainer and have been coaching ever since. I have been lucky to experience many different CrossFit communities in the cities I have lived in and traveled through over the years. The people I have met have become like family to me! We love, support and compete next to each other daily…and it’s so awesome!


  • CF-L1